Sammy Noname

Elven Mage




Born to human parents before the Awakening in the suburbs of Chicago. Relocated to the camps along with her baby brother who was born a dwarf. Both children were pretty much hidden from anyone outside the immediate family- if there’s extended family, Sammy doesn’t know them.

Sammy was born with brown hair and brown eyes- a bit different from her parents, but nothing too remarkable. During the Awakening, her underlying Elvish appearance began to come out. With black hair and blue eyes, Sammy’s appearance was very different from her blonde-hair, brown-eyed parents.

At first they were accepting, but when her baby brother Marcus began to emerge as a dwarf in 2002 when Sammy was 10, the parents began to think their children were changelings and abandoned them in 2003. Sammy was 11 and her brother was only 5.

Sammy habitually slouches. Since she became responsible for her much shorter brother, she was anxious about looming and didn’t want their different race to separate them the way it had from the rest of the family.


Elves have an easier time getting out of the camps. At the age of 17, Sammy left Marcus with a group of dwarves in order to leave the internment camps and get trained with the understanding that she’d come back for him. Of course Marcus followed after at the much too-young age of 15, and now Sammy doesn’t know where the hell her brother is.

Sammy had the advantage of learning from a series of other elvish hermetic mages. Which means that her understanding of magic may be slanted towards elvish interpretations.

When Sammy finished with her last master, in combat magic, she went back for her brother only to learn that he had left the original camp in search of her. The last anyone heard, he was heading to Chicago.


Sammy has a hard time trusting normal humans. She was nine when she was abandoned by her parents and that wound hasn’t healed. She has a soft spot for younger males since they have a tendency to remind her of her brother.

Sammy is governed by the principle that if it won’t make you an enemy, then you can do what you want, and if people are dead then they’re not an enemy. If you must leave people alive or evidence of your passage, make sure you’re fucking horrifying. (Elves are terrific, they beget terror).

The goal is to find Marcus and have enough funds to settle somewhere safely. Since her brother is a dwarf, Sammy won’t settle in an Elvish nation- so the options are a bit limited.

Sammy sees shadowrunning as a way to build the resources needed to have a clean, safe life. She’s not actually given much thought to what that would look like. Right now she’s operating with the plan to have a plan.

Sammy Noname

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